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Top Places Bed Bugs Hide

When bedbugs have invaded a home, they’ll be able to find an abundance of places to hide. They can take shelter throughout the home, including mattresses, nightstands, and other furniture. If you’re worried that bedbugs are hiding in your home, you need to know where to look. Below, you’ll learn more about common bedbug hiding places in your home.

Primary Hiding Places


Bedbugs tend to stay close to the bed so they can consume your blood in the middle of the night. When you’re close to your bed, they can feed easily. They’ll know when you’re sleeping because your body will release heat and CO2. These chemicals let the bedbugs know that you’re sleeping nearby, so they’ll come out and feed on your blood.


You’ll also find bedbugs hiding in your bed frame. They will hide in the smallest cracks and crevices in the bedbug when possible. They’re often the same color as the bed frame and this makes them harder to identify. When the infestation expands, the bedbugs are going to spread throughout the home. Many of them will hide in the bed frame since it is close to their food source.

Quilts And Bedding

Bedbugs tend to hide in quilts and bedding as well. If you need to search your homes for bedbugs, you’ll need to check your bedclothes. Look at one side before flipping it over and checking the other side. Remember to check the seams because bedbugs prefer being in small crevices.


Bedbugs are tiny so they can slip through small cracks. They can hide at the bottom of the carpet and rugs. They’ll slide their bodies through the fibers and hide at the bottom. When you go to sleep at night, they’ll climb the bed’s leg and feed on your blood.


Bedbugs hide in many pieces of furniture as well. If you have a chair in your bedroom, you’ll likely find bedbugs hiding in that chair. They can hide near the cushions, holes, pillows, and other places. They also like hiding at the bottom of the furniture since you rarely check that spot.

Although these are the most common bedbug hiding spots, there are others. You’ll need to check other spots as well.

Other Hiding Places

Bedbugs can hide in many odd places. Below, you’ll learn more about their odd hiding places.

Your Luggage

Bedbugs often invade your luggage and suitcase when you travel. If you stay at a bedbug-infested hotel, the bedbugs will climb into these items. Before you know it, you’ll take the bedbugs home with you. Although some will leave the suitcase, others will stay there. They can hide in your luggage and come out to feed at night. It is a good idea to check your luggage before bringing it inside. You’ll also want to dry your clothes using the hottest temperature setting to eliminate them.


Don’t forget to check the decorations on your walls. Bedbugs can climb, so they’re going to hide behind your painting and pictures. They’ll hide in the same gaps between the canvas and the frame.

Nearby Books

Bedbugs can hide in the strangest places. If you place a book near your bed, there is a good chance that bedbugs are going to hide in those books. Check the spine and binding. You’ll find a small gap there, and bedbugs might be hiding in that gap. They can also hide behind the protective covering.


Bedbugs can take shelter in nightstands as well. The furniture is close to your bed, so they won’t need to travel far to consume your blood. Check the nightstand to see if you have bedbugs in your home.

Electronic Devices

Finally, you have to check the electronic devices in your home. These devices get warm when they’re turned on. Furthermore, they have small gaps. Bedbugs will slip through those cracks and live inside of the electronic device in question.

Some people like storing items under their beds. If you do this, you’ll want to use containers that are hard to open. Otherwise, bedbugs will slip through the cracks and infest those areas as well. Choose the right boxes and you’ll be able to prevent bedbugs from hiding in these boxes. Either way, call an exterminator when you find bedbugs in your home.

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