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Professional Beetle Extermination In Santa Monica!

There are hundreds if not thousands of beetle species, all of which are unique in physical characteristics. The most commonly reported species in Santa Monica, California are the powder post, longhorn, and ground beetles. Our professional beetle is described by our constituents and clients in Santa Monica as the “top-rated.” We strive to deliver a speedy response to every service request and deliver 100 percent extermination of beetles in two treatments.

Why Is My Santa Monica Home Infested With Beetles?

Beetles are drawn to decaying wood – plywood and firewood – and wood structures like trees, tree stumps, fence posts, porches, decks, and siding. They are also drawn to rotting piles of yard debris, such as leaves, branches, and twigs.

Experts believe the beetle is also attracted to bright lighting after dark and in low light conditions. These insects infiltrate buildings via tiny openings around door and window frames, basement vents, air conditioner ducts, and electrical wiring.

Do Beetles Pose Health Risks To Dogs Or Kids?

Yes and no, beetles are not disease-transmitting insects. Instead, they are nuisance pests that can bring chaos to a content, happy home. While the insect does not transmit diseases or parasites to domesticated animals or kids, they have been linked to foodborne illnesses. Beetle-foodborne illnesses are generally related to contaminated food. Beetles are what experts refer to as a “pantry pest,” an insect species that invade food storage areas, such as kitchen cabinets, pantries, and countertops. Beetles are only able to access non-refrigerated food products that are stored in vulnerable manufacturing packaging – paperboard and thin plastic bags.

The insect drops fecal material in the household food supply during feedings. People who are not aware of foodborne illnesses will consume the contaminated food, leading to the onset of symptoms like diarrhea, stomach pain, low-grade fever, and nausea.

What Pest Control Strategy Offers 100% Effectiveness In Beetle Infestation Cases?

Professional pest management is essential to fully eradicating a beetle colony. When there are a few beetles inside a building, there is oftentimes a larger colony of beetles in the nearby outdoor vicinity. When a beetle colony is divided, full extermination requires extreme pest control measures. Our professional pest control solutions include routine visual inspections, customized treatment, and prevention.

Will DIY Pest Control Offer Any Relief For Full-Blown Beetle Infestations?

Hardly, DIY pest control products are comprised of over-the-counter, low-strength formulas. Only licensed exterminators and certified pest control technicians can legally access industrial-strength pesticides and insecticides. Industrial strength is the most potent pest control formula.

Homemade pesticide remedies are only effective in the pre-infestation phase.

How Long Will It Take For The Exterminator To Perform My Beetle Inspection?

We need at least 24 hours, no more than 48, to process a beetle inspection request. Our customer support team will reach out to you as soon as your service request is processed. You can choose the service date to eliminate any potential inconvenience throughout the process.

Will My Children Be In Danger If They Are Exposed To Chemical Pest Control Products?

No, we refuse to initiate pest control treatment as long as the impacted home is occupied. We generally ask the family to vacate the home several hours before each treatment is administered. This may feel like an inconvenience, but it is part of an effort to keep our clients and their family and pets safe.

Is Professional Beetle Control Services Expensive?

If you are asking about the cost of professional pest management, your budget is mostly limited. We work with Santa Monica consumers of all economical levels. And, we will gladly work around your budget to ensure full access to our professional beetle control.

What Is The Best Beetle Prevention Strategy?

We understand you have been under a lot of stress due to full-blown beetle infestation. Beetles are nuisance pests that infiltrate homes to access food and warm shelter. If the beetles successfully infiltrated your home, the contributor is a vulnerable pest barrier. Every building has a barrier designed to keep insects and elements outdoors where they belong. When the pest barrier is weak, it will be filled with vulnerabilities like tiny exterior-to-interior gaps and openings. These will become access points for beetles and other insect species, which means, they must be eliminated immediately.

To learn more about our beetle prevention strategies, please feel free to reach out to our Santa Monica pest control experts.

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