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Tips To Avoid Bed Bugs While Traveling

Traveling can be fun, eye-opening, and unforgettable. However, your trip could transform into a nightmare if you’re not careful. Spend the night at a bedbug-infested motel and your home will soon be infested as well. Below, you’ll find tips for preventing that from happening.

Surveying The Room

First and foremost, you’ll want to examine and survey the room as soon as you enter it. Remember that bedbugs are attracted to human blood. They don’t care whether the room is clean and tidy. They live in beautiful rooms and dirty rooms. As a result, you’ll need to carefully examine the room to make sure it is free of bedbugs and other pests. Check the mattress and bedclothes for red or black stains. Make sure that the room doesn’t have a sweet, musty odor.

Lifting And Looking

You’ll need to look a little closer to make sure that your motel room doesn’t contain bedbugs. Lifting the mattress, bedclothes, sheets, and furniture will make a big difference. When lifting these items, you’ll be able to determine whether bedbugs are hiding underneath. You’ll also need to check small cracks and gaps around the baseboards. Check the bed frame, wall decorations, and other items in the room as well. Bedbugs can hide throughout the room so you’ll need to check every crack and gap.


Next, you’ll want to be careful when placing your items on the ground. If you throw your belongings on the ground, bedbugs will be able to climb inside easily. You don’t want this to happen because it will lead to an infestation of your home. Using the luggage rack is recommended. The luggage rack can help you keep your bag off of the floor. You’ll also want to place it away from walls so bedbugs can’t climb up the wall and enter your luggage.

Examining Once Returning

After you’ve returned home, you’ll need to carefully examine your belongings. There is a risk that bedbugs are living in your luggage. If this is the case, they’re waiting to invade your home. Place your bags down in your garage or utility room. Then, carefully check the bags to make sure that everything is free of bedbugs. Don’t bring the bags into your home until you’re positive they’re free of bugs.


Finally, you’ll want to place your belongings into your dryer. Using the dryer in the hottest setting will help eliminate the bedbugs. These pests cannot handle extremely hot temperatures. Exposing them to the dryer’s hot temperatures for 15 minutes or longer will kill them. Once you’ve done that, you won’t have to worry about bringing bedbugs into your home. Instead, the bugs will die. Unfortunately, bedbug infestations are not easy to deal with. If you find out that your home has bedbugs, you’ll need to work with a licensed professional to get rid of them. We recommend working with a professional so you can avoid using DIY methods. In addition to this, you’ll want to use the advice provided above. Pay close attention to the SLEEP acronym so you can stop bedbugs from invading your home.

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