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Carpenter Ants

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Santa Monica California Carpenter Ant Control

California residents report thousands of carpenter ant infestations each year. Many of which are right in their backyard, others are unfortunately indoors. This slightly larger ant species is notorious for its gnawing abilities. Thanks to strong mandibles, the carpenter ant can gnaw right through wood structures, which is exactly what it does to make room for underground tunnels and nests. The insect buries its nests inside of an extensive tunneling system that scientists believe in some cases stretches for several feet or miles. When carpenter ants set their mind to it, they can build a network of tunnels in wood that veer off in various directions.

The queen is the largest member of the carpenter ant colony, growing up to 5/8 inches long, compared to the 0.5-inch worker carpenter ant.

What Signs Point To A Carpenter Ant Infestation?

Visible Live Insects – Adult carpenter ants can be seen on kitchen countertops, stovetops, and dinette tables where food crumbs are left behind from meals.

“Frass” Trails – “Frass” is a byproduct of ant-gnawing. The worker spends the majority of his time building tunnels in decaying wood structures, such as downed trees. The frass is visibility in working areas.

Audible Signs – A large colony of adult carpenter ant workers can be heard through thin walls when background noise is minimal. Witnesses describe the audible noise as “rustling.”

Live SwarmersCarpenter ant swarmers are both winged and wingless. They are responsible for catering to the queen and the young. Witnesses have spotted winged swarmers flying low over food-contaminated surfaces, swooping down frequently to pick up crumbs that will later be utilized to feed the colony.

How Did My Santa Monica Home Get Infested With Carpenter Ants?

Carpenter ants are some of the hardest working insect species in the world. The workers invest a lot of time and effort in food-foraging to ensure the colony’s survival. Carpenter ants have extraordinary scent perception. As the colony grows and enemy colonies pop up in the nearby vicinity, food will become scarce outdoors, forcing the carpenter ants workers indoors where food is plentiful, in many cases.

Humans tend to clean up after each meal, but oftentimes leave leftovers and crumbs where they can be accessed by carpenter ants. Remember, a tiny pinpoint-sized food crumb is enough to feed several carpenter ant larvae, which have endless appetites.

Do Carpenter Ants Pose A Health Risk To My Young Children?

No, carpenter ants are harmless insects. However, they are known to bite, but only in combat. If the colony comes under threat, the soldiers will respond accordingly. The carpenter ant bite may lead to a mild allergic reaction – redness, itching, and swelling.

The carpenter ant can also cause interior and exterior structural damage, which is more of a threat than health risks.

What Pest Control Method Do Santa Monica Exterminators Recommend For Carpenter Ants?

Santa Monica consumers have two pest management options at their disposal. These include Do-It-Yourself and professional, both of which have benefits and downsides. We also recommend professional carpenter ant control because it has more versatility, meaning it is effective for all severity of infestations. DIY carpenter ant control, on the other hand, is only suitable for minor issues, maybe a mild infestation, but nothing more.

Will Over-The-Counter Insecticides Fully Eradicate A Carpenter Ant Infestation?

Unfortunately, no, OTC pest control products are low-strength formulas that are deemed “safe” for the average consumer. Industrial-strength pesticides and insecticides can only be obtained by a licensed exterminator. The theory is that licensed exterminators are properly trained to administer, handle, and transport chemical pesticides in a manner that prevents human and environmental exposures.

When Are Your Exterminators Available For A Carpenter Ant Inspection?

We work extensive schedules to ensure the speediest pest control service response in Santa Monica. We need up to 48 hours to process a carpenter ant inspection request. Once the request is processed, our customer service team reaches out to the client in regards to an appointment.

Do Chemical Carpenter Ant Pesticides Pose Health Risks To My Dog And Child?

No, our exterminators are advised against treating an occupied residential or commercial building. The building must be completely vacant before our exterminators will initiate a pesticide treatment. We always make this requirement known to the client in advance, so there are no surprises throughout the pest control process.

We also offer EPA-approved organic and eco-friendly pest control treatments.

How Do I Prevent A Repeat Carpenter Ant Infestation At My Santa Monica Home?

There are several things you can do to prevent a secondary carpenter ant infestation. The first step is to get your home in the carpenter ant-free status. After this, our extermination team will begin working with you and your family to demonstrate methods that will keep carpenter ants at bay.

We recommend sealing holes and gaps that can be utilized by an industrious carpenter ant to access your home.

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