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Steam Treatment

Once bedbugs have invaded your home, finding a solution should be a primary concern. Otherwise, you’re going to experience major issues. Bedbugs will turn your life upside down and ruin your health. They’ll stop you from sleeping comfortably at night. Once they’ve done that, the risk of getting sick will be significantly higher. You need to protect your health and mental well-being by removing the bedbugs as quickly as possible. We recommend using our steam treatments because they’re rapid and cost-effective.

Although steam treatments are very reliable, they’re not as effective as heat. Steam needs to make contact with the bedbugs to kill them, but heat does not. Our heat treatment will raise the temperature of your home to rapidly eliminate your bedbugs. Still, steam is helpful because it doesn’t have any residual effect. As a result, you can return to your residential dwelling much faster.

Eradicating These Pests With Steam

Our company uses steam to take care of bedbug infestations across Santa Monica. We have been eliminating bedbugs with this treatment for many years. As a result, we’re confident that we’ll be able to fix the problem swiftly. We know where the bedbugs are hiding in your home, so we’re going to focus on treating those areas.

Although steam can eliminate bedbugs hiding throughout the home, we recommend using steam around delicate items. For instance, we think it is a good idea to use steam to eliminate bedbugs around mattresses and furniture. If you wish to save the item, kill the bedbugs with steam.

A Truly Environmentally-Friendly Solution

We’re proud to say that our steam treatments are environmentally friendly. When you take advantage of this service, you can rest assured knowing you won’t have to use dangerous chemicals. Instead, our steam treatments rely solely on heat and steam. As a result, you can guarantee that this treatment is going to be safe and effective. It is great for eliminating bedbugs in areas where your children and pets play.

You may consider renting a steamer and saving money. However, you might run into bigger problems by taking this route. Renting a steamer is not always effective. There is a risk that you’re going to waste time and money. Instead, you’ll want to use our solutions. With our steam solution, you can guarantee that the bugs will be gone before you know it.

When you’re ready to begin, contact our office. We’ll remove the bedbugs from your Santa Monica dwelling using steam before you know it.

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