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Termites are social so they can live with thousands of other insects. A colony will quickly expand and grow. With that being said, you can guarantee that your problem is going to worsen rapidly. If you suspect that you have termites on your property, contact us and remedy the problem as swiftly as possible. Otherwise, the termites are going to destroy your home. Remember that termite consume cellulose which can be found in cardboard, wood, and other materials.

If the problem is not addressed rapidly, the termite on your property will quickly ruin your home and your belongings. Cellulose can be found in cotton fibers, paper, furniture, and lumber. Many components of your home will be vulnerable to termites. Once you’ve found a termite mound on your property, you know that your property has been overrun with termites. The colony has outgrown its nests, so it needs to expand.

In Santa Monica, residents may run into a handful of termites species. Nevertheless, the most common species is the Subterranean termite. It is responsible for roughly 95% of the damage done to American structures each year.

Termite Colony Classes

Remember that termite colonies have several classes, including soldier termites, worker termites, kings, and queens.


During the colony’s early stages, the queen termite is one of its most important members. The queen termite helps produce more members. It will work with the king to reproduce and add more soldier termites and worker termites to the colony. During her 10-year lifespan, a queen termite can lay as many as 30,000 eggs each day.


The king termite primarily works with the queen to ensure the colony can thrive and expand. He is very important during the colony’s initial developmental stage. The king will continue mating with the queen during his entire life.

Worker Termites

Worker termites can grow up to 10mm in length. They’re light and soft-bodied without wings. Worker termites are generally one of the most important members of the colony because they perform so many important tasks. They work 24 hours a day and 7 days a week. They never stop working. They perform many duties, including feeding other termites, grooming other termites, finding food, and building tunnels.

Soldier Termites

Soldier termites defend the colony from predators. Although they mostly fight ants, they can encounter a handful of other predators. They look a lot like worker termites, but they have longer heads and more powerful jaws. They use these features to fight ants and other insects trying to break into the colony.

Winged Reproductive Termites

You’ll also want to learn more about reproductive termites. They’re also referred to as swarmers. These termites can be male or female. In addition to this, they can reproduce and leave their parent colony. When they’re produced, they will develop wings and try to build new colonies elsewhere. The swarmer termites help expand the termite colony farther and wider.

In general, a termite colony will have countless soldier termites, worker termites, and swarmer termites. However, it will only have one king and one queen.

Primary Termite Species In California

You may encounter other termite species. However, your primary concern should be Subterranean termites.


Subterranean termites are one of the most problematic termites in the United States. These termites can be found across the United States, and they’re more destructive than others. Nevertheless, they share a lot with other termite species. A Subterranean termite colony will have several classes, including kings, queens, worker termites, soldier termites, and swarmer termites. The appearance of the termite depends solely on its class and responsibilities. While worker and soldier termites look the same, they’re not. Soldiers have longer heads and more powerful jaws, so they can defend the colony.

What They Do

What will Subterranean termites do on your property? In general, they’ll build underground colonies. However, they can live above ground in moist areas as well. They build and use mud tubes to access food sources without being attacked by predators. These termites consume cellulose which can be found in your home’s lumber. During spring, the colony will produce swarmer termites to build new colonies elsewhere.

Why They’re Concerning

Santa Monica homeowners cannot ignore a potential termite infestation. If it is Subterranean termites, act quickly because they can ruin your dwelling. These termites are destructive. They’ll chew through the wood supporting your home. If you don’t fix the problem swiftly, you’ll find yourself dealing with costly property damage.

Flying Termites And Flying Ants

Although the two are similar, it is pertinent to learn more about the differences between flying ants and flying termites. One difference is the wings. When you look at a flying ant’s wings, you’ll find that they’re two different sizes, but they’re more durable than flying termite wings.

You’ll also need to look at their waist. Flying termites do not have narrow or pinched waists. Finally, you can check the antennas. Flying termites have straight antennas.

Facts Regarding Termites

How much do you know about termites? Below, you’ll learn more about these pests.

  • Termites work around the clock. They are constantly working on building tunnels, reproducing, and eating wood.
  • A colony can survive for at least 50 years.
  • In general, an American termite colony can house as many as 500,000 termites.
  • Termites help dispose of deadwood, so they serve a purpose in nature.
  • Many species need access to water or they will die.
  • When living above ground, termites have to maintain moist mud tubes.
  • Ants are constantly attacking termites and termite colonies.
  • You can eradicate an entire termite colony.
  • There are more than 2,000 termite species in the world.
  • Roughly 40 of those species live in the United States.
  • Subterranean termites cannot be found in Alaska, but they’re found in every other state.
  • Termites can move through concrete, but they can’t eat it.
  • Worker termites consume cellulose before regurgitating it and feeding it to other termites.
  • Queen termites live more than 20 years while laying countless eggs.

Primary Termite Dangers

Do you need to worry about the dangers associated with termites? Unfortunately, you need to be worried. Termites create serious problems. When they decide to target your property, you’re going to have a serious problem to contend with. Just remember that termites are not physically dangerous. They won’t attack your loved ones. However, they’re going to create equally big concerns. For instance, termites will damage your home. Get rid of them or they’ll ruin your home and its value.

Removing Termites

How can you remove termites from your dwelling? Although there are plenty of options, you’ll find that some techniques are better than others. For instance, you don’t want to use dangerous techniques that could make your loved ones sick. Furthermore, you don’t want to waste your money using ineffective treatments. Instead, you should work with us. We offer comprehensive, effective termite treatments. We can get rid of termites in Santa Monica and other major cities in San Francisco. Contact us and we’ll fix the problem for you rapidly.

Doing It Alone

You may believe that you can fix this problem without hiring a qualified exterminator. You could, but the risks are immense. Many DIY methods are unsafe and unreliable. You should look for safe solutions. You’ll also want more effective solutions. If you misuse those dangerous chemicals, you’re going to regret your decision. Working with us is the best way to keep your loved ones protected every step of the way. Contact our office today to learn more about our termite services.

When Can It Begin?

You’re eager to fix this problem as quickly as possible. We are too. Contact us to schedule an appointment immediately. We’ll contact you back in 24 to 48 hours.

We Offer Safe Treatments

Our exterminators strive to provide our clients with safe, reliable treatments. We wouldn’t imagine doing something that could make you ill. When you work with us, you can put your mind at ease. We only use EPA-registered products because we want to keep our clients safe and protected. Our exterminators know how to protect our clients during each step.

Preventing Termite Infestations In The Future

Use the advice below to keep termites from destroying your home.

  • Stop water from sitting around your home’s foundation. Make sure your downspouts and gutters are working properly. If you have any leaky pipes or faucets, take care of them immediately.
  • Take care of high humidity. Reduce humidity in your attics and crawlspaces to keep termites away from your home.
  • Make sure firewood is stored properly. Keep it at least 20 feet away from your home, and raise it from the ground.
  • Wood mulch must be kept at least 15 inches or so away from your home’s foundation.
  • Check your home’s foundation for signs of termite infestations.
  • Have you found signs of a termite infestation around your home? If so, pick up your phone and call us.

We’re always eager to help. Call us and we’ll work diligently to fix the problem rapidly.

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