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When it comes to pests in Santa Monica, one of the most problematic pests is the bedbug. They know how to hide throughout your home and avoid detection. When you find yourself dealing with a bedbug infestation, you won’t be able to remedy the problem easily. Instead, you’ll have serious problems to contend with. Bedbugs are hard to spot and harder to eliminate. Thankfully, you’ve found us. We offer comprehensive bedbug treatments.

You’ll want to take advantage of our heat treatments because they’re fast, effective, and convenient. Call us, leave your home, and let us eliminate the bedbugs from your dwelling. Do that and you’ll be able to return to a bedbug-free home before you know it.

Our Heat Treatments Work

Our clients are searching for reliable bedbug treatments. We’ve got them. We recommend heat because it is one of the most reliable ways to eliminate bedbugs from a residential or commercial building. Heat can eliminate bedbugs from the entire building swiftly. One thing about heat is that it treats the entire home simultaneously. In addition to this, heat will reach every crack and gap in the home. Even if bedbugs are hiding in deep cracks, our bedbug treatments will eliminate them.

Once you’ve signed up for our services, a bedbug exterminator will bring heat machines into your home. Those machines will quickly and carefully raise the temperatures in your home to 140-degrees or higher. Then, we’ll carefully monitor the temperatures to guarantee that the bedbugs in your home will not be able to escape. We’ll rectify the problem before you know it.

A Reliable Bedbug Solution

You’ll want to remedy the problem swiftly and decisively. There is no better way to achieve that goal than by using our heat treatments. When you depend on our heat treatments, you can guarantee that the issue will be solved before you know it. Heat is more reliable than alternative treatments. It can treat your entire structure. Furthermore, it will enter all holes, gaps, cracks, and crevices. When you use our heat treatments, the bedbugs in your home won’t be able to find a way to hide.

They’ll either escape your home or die within hours.

Temperatures Are Important

When it comes to eliminating bedbugs in a home, the temperatures are immensely important. We have to use heat machines and carefully monitor the temperatures to guarantee satisfactory results. Our exterminators will push the temperatures up to 140-degrees or higher. They’ll maintain these temperatures for at least two hours. However, it is best to maintain this level for at least three or four hours.

Doing so guarantees that we can eliminate the bedbugs in your home swiftly.

We Recommend Staying Away

We believe that our bedbug treatments are safe. Nevertheless, we think it is a good idea to stay out of your home for the time being. We want to make sure that you’re going to be protected during every step of the process. We’ll ask you to evacuate the home until we’ve finished. Remember that your home is going to be raised to extreme temperatures.

When doing so, there are risks involved. We’re confident that you and your belongings will be okay. Nevertheless, we refuse to take any risks. To keep you safe, we’ll recommend staying away from your home until we’re finished. Our exterminator will call to let you know when you can return.

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