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Professional Earwig Extermination In Santa Monica!

Earwigs are squiggly insects that look as if they are crawling on the stomach, but in fact, are walking on three pairs of legs. The earwig is a member of the Dermaptera order, a classification utilized in references to insect species with long, slender bodies and “cerci,” pincers that protrude from the abdomen. The cerci are utilized in copulation, food-foraging, and combat. While a powerful physical characteristic, the cerci appendages are not strong enough to puncture human or animal skin.

The earwig cerci operate in the same manner as surgical forceps, as they snap open and close. The adult grows up to two inches (50 millimeters) in length, excluding the Saint Helena giant earwig species that is approximately one inch longer.

In some countries, the earwig is more notable as a character in a make-believe fable. The story goes like this, the earwig was discovered living in a human brain, where it laid eggs. The earwig accessed the brain through the ear canal, according to the fable.

There are around 900 members of the Dermaptera order, many of which are drawn to warm, humid climates.

Why Is My Basement Infested With Earwigs?

Earwigs infiltrate buildings in search of a comfortable living environment – warm, damp, dark, and discrete. They utilize small openings in window/door frames, basement vents, air conditioner ducts, and thresholds. Once inside the building, the insect does not ingest food. At this point, the earwig’s main concern is shelter.

As a nocturnal insect, the earwig is active at night and calm during the day. This is a very common behavior for all nocturnal insect species.

The average earwig is about three inches long, making it detectable by the naked eye. One thing is for sure, no one wants to encounter an earwig in their home. Regardless of where the encounter took place, the earwig is an unappealing insect that shares some of the same features as a centipede. The most notable difference between the centipede and earwig is the number of legs. A centipede can have up to 177 pairs of legs while the earwig is limited to three. Another difference is the insects’ feeding habits. The centipede is like a snake, as it wraps its body around its prey to kill it before feeding.

Do Earwigs Carry Diseases?

No, earwigs are not disease-transmitting insects. Scientists describe the earwig as a “nuisance pest.” However, the insect is a threat to house and potted plants. Earwigs feed on blossoms and leaves, causing dire devastation. If no intervention is implemented, the plant will not survive. The cerci are too weak to cause structural damage.

What Is The Most Recommended Pest Control Strategy For Earwig Infestations?

Moderate to severe earwig infestations need a pest control approach that packs a punch. Our professional pest management is the earwig extermination solution. Our professional-grade pest control can be customized to meet or exceed the needs of a mild, moderate, and severe earwig infestation.

We also routinely inspect the impacted property to determine the effectiveness of the customized treatment. After each inspection, we will adjust the treatment accordingly. It would not be unusual at this point if the potency needed to be stronger because it is very commonly the result.

Earwigs are commonly found indoors underneath bathroom and kitchen sinks, in basements and crawlspaces, and sometimes attics.

In order for a professional pest control strategy to be effective, the occupants of the home need to seal all openings that are accessible to the earwig. We recommend a quality waterproof sealant – caulk or silicone – to fill in tiny gaps. Larger openings will need to be sealed with custom-to-fit sheet metal or plywood.

How Long Will It Take For The Exterminator To Arrive At My Santa Monica Home?

We need between 24 and 48 hours to process a pest control service request, including an inspection. Our goal is to provide speedy responses to all service requests. We employ a qualified team of licensed exterminators and certified pest control technicians who have been fully trained to administer, store, and transport chemical pesticides per the manufacturer’s recommendations.

Do Earwig Pest Management Products Contain Harmful Ingredients?

We have partnered with the US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) to help minimize our carbon footprint by utilizing eco-friendly pesticides and insecticides. As mentioned previously, our extermination teams are fully trained to handle pesticides with chemicals in a manner that minimizes exposure to our clients, their family, and the environment.

If you want to approach your earwig infestation in an environmentally friendly manner, do not hesitate to inquire about our organic and natural pesticide formulas.

We heed EPA pest control guidelines and require our clients to vacate their homes before treatment is initiated.

How Do Exterminators Prevent Repeat Earwig Infestations?

We always start with a customized earwig prevention strategy that targets the home’s vulnerable pest barrier. We work with the household members to find ways to minimize access points and humidity in problem areas. To learn more, please feel free to reach out to our Santa Monica-based extermination location.

We work extended hours to bring the best pest management solutions to the Santa Monica area. We are locally based to ensure the speediest, but best service in the entire California pest control industry.

The first step to eradicating your earwig infestation is reaching out to our exterminations. Taking advantage of our earwig inspection that is available to all residents for free by appointment only. The visual inspection will help our exterminators determine the best course of action.

If you have any other pest control issues please check out other services.

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