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Carpenter Bees

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Santa Monica Professional Carpenter Bee Extermination!

The parasocial stinging insect, the carpenter bee is drawn to decaying downed trees and tree stumps. The species has both males and females, with the latter having a stinger. Both genders have a timid nature that makes them less aggressive toward humans and animals. However, do not expect to see some level of aggression when you broach the carpenter bee’s nest.

Parasocial insects travel in colonies, pairs, and alone. In the case of the carpenter bee, they generally travel in pairs. When couples mate, they seem to stay together until death, returning to the same nest breeding season after breeding season. It is not clear why, but pregnant females tend to share the same nest, according to some reports.

To differentiate between the two genders, you simply need to assess their coloration. The adult male is a mixture of black and orange while the adult female is solid black.

Why Is My Santa Monica Property Under A Carpenter Bee Attack?

Before you can determine why your property has been targeted by these insects, you must determine if the insects are genuinely carpenter bees. Commonly, inexperienced individuals can mistake the carpenter bee for a bumblebee because they share some of the same physical characteristics, excluding the abdomen. The bumblebee’s abdomen is covered with fine fuzz while the carpenter bee’s abdomen is hairless and shiny.

Carpenter bees are drawn to vulnerable wooden structures, such as trees, fence posts, buildings, and decks. Breeding season for carpenter bees begins in the spring. After impregnation, the female will bore tiny holes in the wooden structures to hide her nests.

Can I Approach A Carpenter Bee’s Nest Without Getting Stung?

There is no safe way to answer this question because the carpenter bee has some very unique behaviors. You may approach the area where the nest is located, but that is about as far as you will get. The female will sting if provoked. However, the odds of getting stung are extremely low, thanks to the female’s timid nature.

Carpenter bees will attack humans and animals when they get too close to their nests. If they believe you are a predator, which they will, you may come under attack. Aggressive carpenter bees tend to fly into predators while buzzing very loudly. The increased buzzing noise is the first sign of an aggressive carpenter bee. In other words, the insects will initiate a warning by flapping their wings and fly in the direction of predators at a high rate of speed.

What Is The Best Extermination Method For Carpenter Bees?

Carpenter bee infestations are not as likely as honeybee and yellowjacket infestation. However, there is a strong possibility of an infestation when a few females utilize the same nest. When carpenter bee larvae are in the nearby vicinity, woodpeckers are not very far away. These birds are drawn to carpenter bee larvae, which is one of their favorite meals.

Woodpeckers will invest hours into a carpenter bee larvae retrieval. The bored holes are bad enough, but the damage caused by the woodpecker’s pecking is devastating.

Can Santa Monica Exterminators Recommend DIY Carpenter Bee Extermination?

No, carpenter bees pose an extreme danger to humans and pets, especially when they believe their nests are being threatened. We cannot even recommend an over-the-counter pesticide because the risks are too high. Our suggestion is professional pest control, which targets the carpenter bees, larvae, and nests.

How Do I Need To Prepare For The Initial Carpenter Bee Pesticide Treatment?

We recommend vacating the property to make way for the exterminator. Our licensed exterminators and certified technicians are not permitted to treat carpenter bee infestations with humans or animals present.

We partner with several manufacturers that have taken the steps to have their pesticides and insecticides approved by the US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA). EPA-approved pest control products are safe when handled, stored, transported, and administered per manufacturer recommendations and EPA guidelines.

Does Your Santa Monica Extermination Company Offer Carpenter Bee Prevention After An Infestation?

Yes, our carpenter bee prevention strategies target the how, when, and why. Once the carpenter bees are eradicated, the larvae and nest will follow. It may be that the wooden structure housing the nest needs to be removed from your property.

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