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Professional Ladybug Extermination In Santa Monica California

Ladybugs are a member of the beetle family “Coccinellidae.” Scientists refer to the ladybug as a “lady beetle” while the Asian reference is “Asian lady beetle”. The adult ladybug grows up to 0.5 inches in length, with the smaller adult measure in at just around 1/32” in length. The unique physical characteristics that ensure easy identification include the shell-like orange, red, or yellow black-polka dotted wings, two black antennas, and three sets of legs.

More than 5,000 members of the Coccinellidae family have been identified to date. Around 450 Coccinellidae members can be found throughout North America.

Ladybugs are both nuisance pests and helpful insects. The nuisance ladybug infiltrates residential, commercial, and industrial buildings to escape the outdoor winter weather. The helpful ladybug consumes aphids in gardens and on farms, resulting in natural population control. Aphids pose risks to industrial and independent gardens, as they feed on sap from soybeans, potatoes, sugarcane, alfalfa, and lettuce. The insect also feeds on bamboo, roses, and maple leaves.

Why Is My Santa Monica Property Infested With Ladybugs?

Ladybugs begin their search for winter shelter in late fall, at which time, they begin preparing for overwintering, a dormant state of “deep sleep.” The insect targets homes with weak pest barriers, such as damaged siding, eaves, crawlspace vents, door thresholds, and window frames. Any small opening that leads from the outside to the inside of the home can be utilized to infiltrate buildings.

If your home happens to be within a few feet of the colony, it will become a target. There is not much a ladybug will do to avoid spending the winter outdoors. It may take several attempts before the ladybug is successful in gaining entrance into your home.

Overwintering is similar to hibernation, as it is a dormant state that allows the ladybug to survive on nutrients and vitamins from stored body fat.

Are Ladybugs Disease=Transmitting Insects?

No, ladybugs do not spread diseases to humans and animals. Since the insect does not consume food after a home invasion, there is no concern for foodborne illness. The most intrusive thing about the ladybug is its foul odor. When ladybugs are stressed or injured, a secretion is released as a safety mechanism. The secretion has also been shown to stain fabric, upholstery, and other materials.

Ladybugs do bite, resulting in a mild allergic reaction, in most cases.

What Is The Best Pest Management Solution For Severe Ladybugs Infestations?

There is only one pest management suitable for severe ladybug infestations. This option is no other than professional pesticides or insecticides, traps, and routine visual inspections. Our pest management solutions can be customized to meet or exceed your ladybug infestation needs. We strive to deliver 100 percent effectiveness with our professional pest control.

If at first, we do not succeed, our exterminators will make the necessary alterations to the initial pest control strategy, and try again. We will not stop until your home is classified as a pest-free zone.

Should I Invest In Over-The-Counter Ladybug Insecticides?

We do not recommend investing in any pest control product before your home undergoes a thorough visual inspection. Pest inspections are designed to help exterminators determine if a specific home is infested, the type of insect species responsible for the infestation, and the severity of the infestation.

A visual ladybug inspection will take at least two hours, depending on the size of your home. The exterminator will inspect your entire home from top to bottom to locate the ladybug hiding places. Throughout the inspection, evidence is collected that will be utilized later on to devise a custom treatment plan that is guaranteed to offer 100 percent effectiveness.

Over-the-counter pesticides are low-strength formulas only capable of eradicating few handfuls of ladybugs with each treatment.

When Will The Licensed Exterminator Be Available For The Ladybug Inspection?

Our exterminators are ready to take on ladybugs in all phases of the life cycle. We do not schedule the appointment without consulting the client first. You have the option of choosing an appointment that will fit your schedule to avoid inconvenience. However, we need between 24 and 48 hours to process your ladybug inspection request.

Will Ladybug Extermination Products Endanger My Santa Monica Home?

No, we take extra precautions to protect our client’s homes and assets from harmful pesticide exposure. We utilize wands with nozzles to administer pest control products more efficiently and accurately.

Our organic and natural pest control products do not contain harmful ingredients These products can safely be utilized to treat ladybug infestations in all severity levels.

What Is The Best Ladybug Control Prevention Strategy?

Our professional pest prevention can be customized to fight a repeat ladybug infestation. There are a few things you can do to ensure the prevention strategy works. First, you can utilize a waterproof sealant to fill in small holes that can be utilized by ladybugs and other insect species to invade your home.

The second recommendation is to reach out to our Santa Monica exterminators today.

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