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Bed Bugs

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The Cimex lectularius is simply referred to as the bedbug. These ectoparasites tend to consume human blood, but they will accept animal blood as well. Once they’ve invaded a dwelling, they’ll hide in the mattress and stay there until the victim goes to bed. Then, they’ll come out of hiding to feed on the victim’s blood. Since bedbugs are only 3/16s of an inch, they can hide exceptionally well. Finding them won’t be easy.

Reasons Bedbugs Invade Homes

Why would your home become a target for bedbugs? The answer is you. Bedbugs are primarily interested in sneaking into your home so they can consume your food. If you have pets, they’ll likely suck their blood as well. Bedbugs can invade a dwelling using numerous methods. They’re crafty and know how to hitch a ride over a long distance without being detected. Many infestations occur because Santa Monica residents stayed at infested motels. The bedbugs climbed into their bags and went home with them.

There is also a risk that bedbugs are going to invade your home after you’ve purchased used items. Bedbugs can hide in the smallest cracks, gaps, and crevices. They might hide in an old bed frame that you purchased from a friend. They’ll enter your home when you take the bed frame home with you. In some rare cases, bedbugs will walk from one apartment to another.

Bedbug Health Hazards

Are you worried about the health hazards posed by bedbugs? Bedbugs suck blood from humans and warm-blooded animals. They prefer your blood and this is cause for concern. Nevertheless, you’ll find that bedbugs aren’t as dangerous as you may believe. When they bite you, there is a risk that you’ll develop an itchy welt. Alternatively, you may not experience any symptoms. Either way, you can rest assured knowing bedbugs have never been known to transmit serious illnesses.

Dealing With Bedbug Infestations

A bedbug infestation is not something to ignore unless you want bigger problems. These pests aren’t dangerous, but they can’t be left alone either. They can reproduce rapidly so an infestation is going to worsen quickly. The problem is that identify the problem won’t be easy. Bedbugs hide exceptionally well making it difficult for homeowners to know when they’re living with bedbugs. We provide canine inspections to identify the problem sooner. Once we’ve confirmed the problem, you can take advantage of our bedbug treatments to get rid of the pests swiftly. We offer the following bedbug services.

Manual Bedbug Services

We recommend our manual bedbug services when eliminating these pests from a room in your home. When you opt for this service, you’ll need to prepare for the arrival of our exterminator. The preparation requirements are extensive. We can provide our manual services with or chemical chemicals. We’ll work with you to decide what works best.

Heat Bedbug Treatments

Many of our clients want to protect the environment and the ones they love. One way to do that is by using our heat treatments. We prefer using heat when eliminating large bedbug infestations in cluttered homes, apartments, and condos. Our heat methods are great for eliminating bedbugs, bedbug eggs, and bedbug larvae. On top of that, it only requires one visit.

Our clients won’t need to do much before our exterminator arrives at their homes. Once we’ve finished, you can return home on the same day. We prefer offering chemical-free heat treatments, but our exterminator may use Diatomaceous Earth too.

Fumigation Bedbug Treatments

Fumigation is primarily good for eliminating many bedbugs in large buildings. For instance, it would be good for eliminating large infestations in motels. Although our fumigation services are popular, the client needs to prepare extensively and stay out of the home for 24 to 48 hours. The fumigation service requires Vikane to remedy the problem.

Doing It Myself

You’ve likely thought about eliminating the bedbugs on your own, but you’re hesitant to do so. Should you tackle this problem alone? You may achieve this goal, but you might not. The risks are immense since some DIY methods are unsafe. If you use these chemicals haphazardly, you might get sick. Furthermore, you may use ineffective methods. Then, you’ll use another ineffective technique. Over a period, the costs will add it. It would’ve been cheaper to use our services. We hope you’ll skip the headache and hire us.

Our Bedbug Treatments Are Safe

We understand how problematic a bedbug infestation can be and how bad you want to get rid of them. However, you want to use safe solutions. We’re here to help. Our treatments are swift, convenient, and safe. We strive to use natural bedbug solutions to guarantee your safety. When our clients recommend conventional treatments, we go to great lengths to protect you. Our exterminators follow reliable protocols to protect all people and pets in your home. The EPA-registered chemicals we use will keep you safe.

The Costs

We’ll do everything we can to ensure that you can afford our services. In many cases, we use standard pricing. When we only need to use the standard services to remove the bedbugs in your home, we’ll follow our standard pricing protocol. When we do this, we’ll set the price depending on the size of your home. Just remember that our exterminator will always give you a bid price before the procedure begins. The bid price is what you’ll pay for our services. Furthermore, you always have the option of approving or denying the price.

Stopping Future Bedbug Infestations

It is pertinent to do what you can to keep bedbugs out of your home. Bedbugs are tricky and smart. Keeping them out won’t be easy, but you can reduce the risks. For starters, you need to pick motels that are free of bedbugs. When returning home from a trip, toss your clothes into the dryer and dry them using the hottest temperature 15 minutes or longer. Also, use caution when acquiring used items.

When Can The Extermination Begin?

Contact our office today. We’ll help you schedule an appointment while answering any questions you may have. We’ll contact you back in 48 hours or less.

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