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Can Bed Bugs Go Away On Their Own?

Did you know that you are at your most vulnerable when you are asleep? Just imagine if someone broke into the home? Heck, they could probably go through your things and take whatever they wanted before you even woke up. The very thought alone is frightening and enough to make you want to install a top-notch security system. Well, what if there was an intruder out there that didn’t care about security systems? What if they could bypass them, come into your home, and violate you in any manner that they wish? That is exactly why bed bugs can do. Unfortunately, bed bugs are not creatures that will go away on their own. Eliminating the problem is going to start with a head-on approach and proper research.


Understanding Bed Bugs

When most people hear the term bed bug thrown around they simply think about a single little apple seed insect. This is virtually what a bed bug is, but the term bed bug does not just refer to this type of insect. When you hear the term bed bug, it could actually be that someone is referring to seventy different species. That being said, there are certain bed bugs that will have certain features. The ones that are going to cause the most problems will usually have oval-shaped bodies, be right around 1 to 5 mm in size, they won’t have wings, and they will survive off blood.


Why Bed Bugs Don’t Go Away

Okay, so you just learned that bed bugs are blood driven. What exactly does this mean? It means that bed bugs need blood to survive. Well, you would think that cutting off their blood supply would be enough to completely get rid of them. While it is extremely hard to completely eliminate their blood supply, this is something that won’t be very effective. Bed bugs can go months and months at a time without a single feeding.

This pretty much means that they will just simply wait you out. Heck, any good bed bug treatment Santa Monica CA Company will tell you that bed bugs will change their entire routine to match yours. If you sleep at night and work during the day, the bugs will adapt in the same manner. They will start sleeping during the day and feeding at night. Pretty scary, right? That’s why it is best to tackle the problem head-on with the assistance of a trained and certified professional.

What About During The Winter?

If you are like most people, you are probably thinking that you can just wait until the cooler months to eliminate your infestation problem. Sure, bed bugs are migratory insects, but this does not mean that they will go away in the winter. This is especially true if they are in the home next to a viable food source. Bed bugs are extremely adaptable and resilient creatures. They will adapt to the cool and hot weather, so trying to wait them out will not do the trick. Heck, they have even adapted to some pesticides so this might not even do the trick. Working with a professional really is the only viable option.

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