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Important Things That Any Exterminator Will Tell You

When most homeowners see an insect or rodent in the home the first thing they will do is dial the exterminator. They problem even jump on the chair, close their eyes and ears, and wait for the exterminator to do his work. However, instead of just flipping out, an exterminator in Santa Monica can provide you with a wealth of knowledge that can help you prevent future infestations and get a handle the one you already have. Below, you will learn about the best and most informative pointers that any professional exterminator will tell you.


A Clean Kitchen Is Not The Key To Success

It is without a doubt a true fact that tons of insects and rodents are attracted to food. However, open food bag, dirty dishes, and a messy kitchen aren’t the only thing that will attract these critters to your home. This is not saying that you should leave your kitchen messy and untidy, but a clean kitchen alone won’t repeal these critters. In fact, you might be totally surprised to learn that moisture can be a major attraction for insects and rodents. For instance, make sure that the gutters are always clean and free, so that water drains away from the home, and any decorative pools and fountains should be drained on a regular basis to prevent infestations.

Sometimes There Is Nothing You Can Do

If might be scary and discouraging to learn that sometimes there is nothing you can do to prevent bedbugs and other insects. It doesn’t matter how clean your home is, or how good your hygiene is, bedbugs and other critters area attracted to blood and that is what they want. They don’t care about moisture, messiness, or cleanliness. The best thing to do is make sure that you are inspecting your luggage and clothing before bringing them back into the home. If you buy furniture, even if it is new make sure that you are properly inspecting it, before taking it into your home.


Home Treatments Can Worsen The Situation

While there are a lot of home treatments available at the local hardware stores that claim that they can repeal and eliminate certain critters, these products leave a lot of room of misapplication. A lot of times people don’t completely follow the instructions and end up using too much or too little of the product, which just makes the situation worse. Even bug bombs can sometimes just cause the critters to scatter and find new hiding places. Any exterminator in Santa Monica will tell you that these products can make their job much more difficult.


Exterminators Don’t Do Lice

While exterminators are professionally trained to deal with just about any type of critter that you can imagine, head and body lice is something that don’t specialize in. Head and body lice are both medical conditions and there is no pest management company out there that can help you with this issue. If you come across one that claims that they can, they are just lying to you.




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