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An Introduction To Our Pest Control Services For Santa Monica CA Residents

Oh no! Have you just spotted a creepy bug rushing across your floor? Don’t panic just yet. While this is undeniably one of the most frightening experiences, you can rest assured knowing you do not need to combat this problem on your own. Our firm is staffed by some of the most experienced and effective bedbug exterminators in Santa Monica, California. We’re here to help and we receive endless satisfaction from putting a smile on the faces of our clients. Continue reading below to learn about our services and how we can serve you and your family.

Local People Who Care

We understand the importance of employing experts from the city of Santa Monica. We go an extra mile to ensure our experts are locally based, because we know that they’ll provide you and your family with a better experience. These individuals feel like a member of the community. As a resident of Santa Monica, you are virtually a member of our family. When you work with us, you will be treated with the utmost respect. We sincerely care about your satisfaction and you’ll be able to tell the difference between us and our half-hearted competitors.

Scheduled Visits

Despite keeping your home as clean as possible, there will always be a possibility that your home will become infested by bedbugs or mice. Some pests are not attracted to messy homes. Instead, simply living in the wrong location can make you a likely target for pests, such as bedbugs or termites. This is why our company offers scheduled visits. We can visit your home monthly, bi-annually or annually. By having your home treated by our experts on a scheduled basis, you can rest assured knowing the risks of an infestation will be reduced to the bare minimum. Just contact us today to learn about scheduled services.

No Bug We Cannot Exterminate

We realize that the future is totally unpredictable. It is nearly impossible to know what is going to happen from one day to the next. This is why our pest control firm believes in versatility and flexibility. Over the past few years, our company has worked diligently to remove a wide array of pests from our clients’ homes. We have combated everything from mice to rats and even bedbugs. We pride ourselves on being one of the most versatile firms in the business and we sincerely believe we have achieved that goal. When you work with us, you can guarantee that we’ll come up with a great solution to your problem regardless of the situation at hand.

Do Your Share To Help The Inspector

Most people are under the impression that their hands are tied until the pest control technician arrives at their home. This is a huge misconception, because while you are waiting on the technician, the bed bug infestation is continuing to escalate. The only option you will have to prevent this from happening is to gather your cleaning supplies and equipment, along with a couple of large plastic garbage bags and get ready to clean.

You should always start by removing the clutter from your home, by packing the items that you no longer want into the large trash bags. Old furniture with fabric upholstery, stuffed animals, unwanted clothing and bed linen stored in closets and cupboards can be a harbor for bed bugs. If you intend to keep these items, you should consider putting them through a full washing and drying cycle on the maximum temperature setting, before storing them away in a plastic container. The bed bugs will not be able to get into a sealed plastic container, which will also keep your items clean, dry and insect-free.

Our Technicians Can Help You Inspect Your Home

If you think you can do a simple walkthrough of your home and detect a bed bug infestation, you are sadly mistaken. Bed bugs are fairly intelligent pests, because they are going to do whatever is necessary to prevent detection. This is where the trained eye of our pest control technicians will come into play. We provide consumers with a free in-home inspection per request. During the inspection, the technician will examine the entire home, starting with the bedrooms and living room.

If you happen to be home, when the technicians arrive at your home, you will have the option of accompanying the professional on the walkthrough. You will immediately notice that the technician must utilize a flashlight to detect bed bugs, because they will burrow inside of mattresses, floorboards, headboards and box springs. These critters will also hide behind loose wallpaper and cracks in paneling and drywall.

How To Protect Your College Students

According to previous studies, college dorms are one of the most places that are prone to bed bug infestation. The main reason for this is because these facilities have an open-door policy, which means friends and other students are always coming and going, along with faculty. If you have a child that resides in a college dorm part-time, you will need to protect your home, family and the student even more. This will put your home at a higher risk of a bed bug infestation, even more so, if the child invites his/her friends over to spend the night.

The first thing you should do is encourage the student to take their belongings in place them in the laundry room, as soon as they walk through the door. This way you will be able to put the items through a full washing and drying cycle on the maximum temperature setting, which will eradicate bed bugs in minutes.

Why You Must Choose Us

When looking around the city of Santa Monica, it is almost certain you’ll come across a few pest control firms. Nevertheless, our firm should be your first and last choice. We follow the strictest quality control protocols to ensure our clients receive the satisfaction they desire and deserve. We offer benefits that you will not find anywhere else. These benefits will be provided below for your pleasure.

  • We believe in protecting you and your family. We forbid the use of dangerous chemicals in our clients’ homes.
  • While our solutions are safe, they’re also effective. We have achieved our goal of finding the perfect balance between safety and speedy results.
  • We offer the most competitive prices and provide free quotes to all potential clients. We maintain the maximum transparency, so our clients know what they’re going to pay upfront.
  • We offer protections that might be found else. We are licensed and insured. We protect the client from beginning to the very end.
  • We can follow our client’s instructions. Before the work begins, we’ll consult with the client to learn more about their situation. We can work with their schedule or follow any special instructions you may have.
  • We’ll get you back into your home faster than our competitors.


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Bed bugs come from the outside into your home at any time, which means the home, will always be open to a potential infestation. The key is to hire us to maintain and keep your home bedbug and inspect-free. Our customer service representatives will make an appointment for your free in-home inspection. Remember, we provide pest control services and routine maintenance, which work together more effectively than alone.


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